This Code of Ethics is intended solely to fairly and suitably govern the relationship between the client, the Temporary Employment Service (TES) as well as the TES employees whose skilled manpower is outsourced to the client.


1.1 This Code of Ethics shall be binding on all members of the TESD of the Constructional Engineering Association (South Africa) [CEA (SA)] and their respective employees.
1.2 The members undertake to uphold and promote the constitution of the CEA (SA) as well as the by–laws, Code of Conduct, ideals and standards of the TESD.
1.3 Any contravention of this code, by–laws and or the constitution will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee of the TESD or the CEA (SA) Executive or both.
1.4 Members shall comply with any ruling determined by these bodies, but shall have right to appeal as set out in the Constitution of the CEA (SA).
1.5 Members will conduct their business, human resources and industrial relations practices ethically and shall not behave in a manner prejudicial to or likely to bring discredit to their sector of industry, the TESD or the CEA (SA).
1.6 Members shall not issue statements to the media concerning the TESD or CEA (SA)’s activities or policies without prior consultation and without obtaining the approval of the Executive Committee of the CEA (SA).
1.7 Members shall, at all times, take cognisance of and comply with all statutes, regulations, laws and other legal requirements of this country, including seeking registration with the required statutory bodies and making contributions to the various funds, levies, etc. which are prescribed from time to time.


2.1 Members undertake to strive to offer quality service and to meet all reasonable standards/conditions set up by their clients.
2.2 Members shall state their charges and terms of service to clients clearly, concisely and unambiguously.
2.3 Members shall treat any information given to them by clients with the utmost discretion and in confidence.


3.1 Members acknowledge and will maintain the dignity of their employees and will be sensitive to their needs and concerns.
3.2 Members shall present to their best knowledge and ability, factual information to employees and to prospective employees on matters such as probable length of employment, remuneration, amount of overtime, benefits, allowances, etc.
3.3 Should members make any reference checks on prospective employees, these shall be done discretely and in such a manner that his/her present employment, if any, is not endangered or compromised.
3.4 Members will, to the best of their ability, ensure acceptable working conditions for their employees even though they are under the control of a third party while employed.
3.5 Members undertake to remunerate their employees fairly and related to the norm in the particular industry as well as observing all statutory and related regulations.
3.6 Members recognise the rights of their employees of free association in relation to membership of trade unions and/or staff associations and arrangements in relation to accommodation, eating and recreational facilities.
3.7 Members shall, on engagement, provide their employees with a written contract of employment setting out in full details their remuneration, allowances, benefits, period of employment, details of deductions and any other relevant details and shall receive from the employee signed acceptance of the offer of employment.
3.8 Records of employees shall be maintained by members, incorporating service, location, performance, training, rates of remuneration, etc.
3.9 The members shall have a written Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure.


The TESD reserves the right to discipline members and to apply relevant sanctions of any breach of the Code of Ethics as described above. In this regard, the investigation and recommendations relating to the application of relevant sanctions will initially be dealt with by the TESD’s disciplinary committee/executive. The final recommendations of this body will hereafter be referred to the CEA (SA) Executive Committee for implementation and/or recording.